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      Memorandum of understanding:

      “All members of SWEBAGS agree to honor the trust of the other society members and
      not to disclose any non-public knowledge, data, results or information obtained
      within the society, unless agreed otherwise. All members also agree not to use
      information obtained within the society, not publicly available, against the interests
      of the provider.” – SWEBAGS bylaws

      Posting Guidelines

      1. Please use English as the main forum language. If you’d feel you need to use a different language (by way of an external link, for example), please providing a translation of the key information.
      2. Please check via the search funtion that the same topic has not been posted previously before creating a new topic and please stick to the topic of each forum as well as the original post.
      3. Make sure that the title of you topic is clear and concise so that other members can estimate the content based on it.
      4. This is primarily an academic society, so when citing or referring to an external material, please provide a links or complete reference to that source.
      5. Plagiarism without proper acknowledgement will not be tolerated.
      6. Posting personal information about anyone else or slandering anyone is a major violation of the rules of conduct in SWEBAGS. All posts/comments like that, that comes to the boards/moderators knowledge will be promptly deleted and sever cases this may lead to exclusion from the society and possibly criminal charges.

      Rules on Behaviour

      1. Be respectful towards all members.
      2. Offensive, abusive, sexual, hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, provocative or vulgar content will not be tolerated.
      3. It is OK to be self promoting by posting new articles, advertising open positions etc. Please bear in mind that spamming or hijacking of other topics / conversations with this will not be tolerated.

      Rights of Moderators/Board members

      Moderators and Board members will have the ability to make sure that all forum rules are being followed. To this end, moderators and Board members can, at their own discretion:

      1. Close topics or forums;
      2. Move topics or replies to the appropriate topic/forum
      3. Delete topics or replies.
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