SWEBAGS Conference 2024 – All abstracts

SWEBAGS Conference 2024SWEBAGS warmly welcomes you to the SWEBAGS Conference 2024. Based on the previous year’s successes, …2024/04/26News2024-04-26 17:38:25
New Publication: Neurophysiological treatment effects of mesdopetam, pimavanserin and clozapine in a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease psychosisAuthors: Tiberiu Loredan Stan, Abdolaziz Ronaghi, Sebastian A. Barrientos, Pär Halje, Luciano Censoni, Emilio Garro-Martínez, Azat Nasretdinov, Evgenya Malinina, Stephan Hjorth, Peder Svensson, Susanna Waters, Kristoffer Sahlholm, Per Petersson Abstract: Psychosis in Parkinson’s disease is a common phenomenon associated with …2024/02/23News2024-02-23 08:53:02
2 x Postdoctoral position at Umeå UniversityPostdoctoral scholarship in Integrative Neurophysiology – with a focus on physiological recordings of brain activity …2024/02/16News2024-02-16 15:30:58
New Publication: Architecture of the subthalamic nucleusAuthors: Asheeta A. Prasad & Åsa Wallén-Mackenzie Abstract:The subthalamic nucleus (STN) is a major neuromodulation target for …2024/01/10News2024-01-10 09:02:07
New Publication: Cells, pathways, and models in dyskinesia researchAuthors: M. Angela Cenci, Arvind Kumar Abstract: L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia (LID) is the most common form …2024/01/08News2024-01-08 15:50:27
Ongoing international recruitment of young scientists at Lund University (Sweden) Lund University Medical Faculty has an open call for recruitment of excellent young scientists. The …2023/11/30News2023-11-30 13:45:42
New Board memberWe warmly welcome Filip Bergquist as a new Board member. He will be replacing Gesine …2023/11/29News2023-11-29 10:34:37
New PublicationsSerra GP, Guillaumin A, Vlcek B, Delgado-Zabalza L, Ricci A, Rubino E, Dumas S, Baufreton …2023/11/24News2023-11-24 09:55:58
Explore Our Archive of Webinar LecturesWe hope you aren’t missing out on our awesome archive of webinar lectures. We wish …2023/11/08News2023-11-08 12:40:17
Annual MeetingAll Members are welcome to our annual meeting scheduled for November 24 at 15:00-15:30 CET. …2023/10/24News2023-10-24 10:07:33
New recordingsNew recordings from the latest webinar are now available in the webinar archive: Dopamine waves …2023/08/28News2023-08-28 18:34:35
May webinar and summer breakDid you miss the May webinar? No worries; it is now uploaded to the webinar …2023/06/02News2023-06-02 15:13:08
300+ membersWe have now reached a new milestone regarding memberships. Currently have 300+ members representing 110 …2023/05/08News2023-05-08 11:10:59
A new recording added to the archiveThe latest recording from the webinar on Basal Ganglia in addiction is now available.2023/05/04News2023-05-04 13:41:38
New publication: Dopamine Agonist Cotreatment Alters Neuroplasticity and Pharmacology of Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia.Author: Espa E, Song L, Skovgård K, Fanni S, Cenci MA. Abstract: Background: Current models of …2023/01/27News2023-01-27 16:40:39
IBAGS 2023The abstract submission deadline and early-bird registration time has been prolonged to January 31st 2023.2023/01/12News2023-01-12 08:39:19
Honorary MembersWe are happy to announce that Kjell Fuxe and Wolfram Schultz were elected as honorary …2022/12/08News2022-12-08 20:31:14
SWEBAGS Conference 2022We are repeating the the success from last year and arranging a One Day Online …2022/10/06News2022-10-06 10:11:34
EBRAINS FENS Satellite eventEBRAINS will arrange a Satellite event @ FENS, Friday July 8, from 8:30AM to 5:30PM …2022/06/13News2022-06-13 13:22:47
New publication:Improving well-being and survival in the 6-OHDA lesion model of Parkinson´s disease in mice: Literature …2022/03/30News2022-03-30 10:52:52
Open postdoc positionsUmeå University has 2 open postdoc positions Postdoctor in Integrative Neurophysiology– With a focus on …2022/03/16News2022-03-16 14:44:26
Revisit the Conference recordingsDo you wish to revisit the presentations from the first SWEBAGS conference? All presentations are …2022/01/25News2022-01-25 15:25:13
Honorary MembersWe are super proud to welcome Professor Ann Graybiel from McGovern Institute, MIT and Professor …2021/12/17News2021-12-17 14:52:22
Notice of SWEBAGS’s annual meeting Dec 17 09:00-09:45All SWEBAGS members are invited to join our annual meeting. Please visit the following link …2021/11/26News2021-11-26 12:09:51
New transnational collaboration to target circuit dysfunctions in Parkinson´s diseaseA large collaborative project focused on understanding and treating dysfunctions of cortico-basal ganglia circuits in …2021/10/26News2021-10-26 10:07:58
Keynote speakers at SWEBAGS conference 2021SWEBAGS proudly present Aryn H Gittis and Sho Yagishita as keynote speakers at SWEBAGS conference …2021/09/17News2021-09-17 08:37:46
SWEBAGS conference and membership meeting– Save the date and call for participation  The 17th of December SWEBAGS will organize a …2021/07/02News2021-07-02 11:32:36
EBRAINS on the ESFRI 2021 roadmapEBRAINS the research infrastructure that HBP have developed over the years, has now been included …2021/07/01News2021-07-01 07:29:25
Summer webinar breakThank you all that have participated in the webinars this spring. We are very happy …2021/06/23News2021-06-23 15:37:55
Decoding subthalamic neurocircuitry in motion and emotion – vacant PhD position!Vacant PhD position in Neurobiology – Neurocircuitry analysis at Uppsala University.Look at this link for …2021/04/29News2021-04-29 10:48:17
Open postdoc positionsNeuroscientists join mathematicians to study neurodegenerative diseases. Join KTH in developing a theoretical framework to …2021/04/26News2021-04-26 09:11:15
New publication: Experimental investigation into the role of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) in motor control using optogenetics in miceAuthors: Adriane Guillaumina, Gian Pietro Serra, François Georges, Åsa Wallén-Mackenzie The subthalamic nucleus (STN) is …2021/01/25News2021-01-25 14:03:00
Inauguration of SWEBAGSJoin us at the inauguration the 22nd of January when Anders Björklund and Sten Grillner …2021/01/11News2021-01-11 16:31:24
Angela Cenci Nilsson appointed as the Coordinator of MultiparkAngela Cenci Nilsson has been appointed to coordinate Multipark (Multidisciplinary research focused on Parkinson´s disease) …2020/12/22News2020-12-22 13:43:00
Founding of SWEBAGSToday the 26th of November 2020 SWEBAGS was officially formed and the first board was …2020/11/26News2020-11-26 14:30:01